ProAmpac and Metropolitan Tea Collaborate to Introduce Package Made with 100% Home and Industrial Compostable Materials

ProAmpac announced the release of their pioneering ProActive Compostable package designed in collaboration with Metropolitan Tea.

 Adam Grose, Chief commercial officer for ProAmpac Said: Collaborating with Metropolitan Tea to develop a compostable package designed to meet the unique requirements for luxury bulk tea without sacrificing barrier properties, graphics, and filling line speed is what makes this product such a remarkable innovation.

Metropolitan Tea’s luxury tea bag pouch uses an innovative multilayer, high barrier flexible package made from home and industrial compostable films and adhesive. As part of ProAmpac’s ProActive Sustainability product suite, all components of the fin-sealed ProActive Compostable package comply with the ASTM standard D6400 and ISO Standard EN13432.

Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation for ProAmpac Said: “The pouch is designed specifically to support specialty teas by using a multilayer structure with superior oxygen and moisture barrier, which is critical for preserving product freshness,”. “In addition to package integrity, the ProActive Compostable overwrap has a unique sealant technology for running on high speed form/fill/seal applications and the structure can be both surface and reverse printed using up to 10 colors of HD flexographic ink to create eye-catching graphics,” added Tabatabaei.

Gerry Vandergrift, founder of Metropolitan Tea Said: We passionately challenged ProAmpac with our vision for a tea bag pouch made with 100% home and industrial compostable material. In a remarkably short period of time, ProAmpac delivered, or as we like to say, ‘We pushed the envelope, and ProAmpac sealed it!

“ProActive Compostable not only meets the needs of Metropolitan Tea, but it creates a new avenue for compostable packaging that ProAmpac is eagerly pursuing,” stated Grose.

Source: ProAmpac

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