AGC Biologics and Horizon Therapeutics plc Expand Partnership

AGC Biologics announced that its partnership with Horizon Therapeutics is expanding to produce Horizon’s Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) treatment, TEPEZZA, at AGC’s new facility in Boulder, CO. The state-of-the-art facility includes two 20,000L stainless steel mammalian bioreactors which AGC is offering to customers who need very high-volume commercial production.

Michael DesJardin, Executive Vice President, Technical Operations and Corporate Quality, Horizon Commented: “We have partnered with AGC on TEPEZZA production for more than three years and have seen excellent collaboration between our technical teams, which has resulted in rapid process transfer and an efficient launch, AGC has a deep understanding of TEPEZZA and we look forward to expanding our partnership.”

AGC and Horizon began partnering in 2017 and there are ongoing projects at AGC’s Copenhagen and Seattle facilities. Horizon will now be AGC’s first client that will have a product manufactured at the new site in Boulder. The facility is well equipped for the production of TEPEZZA. Following approval, it is expected that the facility will produce the majority of the TEPEZZA supply.

AGC Biologics Chief Business Officer Mark Womack Commented: “We are extremely pleased to expand our strategic partnership with Horizon by leveraging the large-scale stainless steel capacity at our new facility in Boulder, Our globally aligned network is equipped and ready to continue supplying TEPEZZA to the market.”

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