Bioness, Inc. Announces Commercial Launch of Next Generation Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) Balance System for Rehabilitation Facilities

Bioness, Inc today announced the commercial launch of the new Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) for Balance. BITS Balance expands the value and utility of the system, making it rehab's number one multidisciplinary therapy solution. Building on the robust and proven platform which has been adopted by the top rehabilitation hospitals, Balance adds proprietary hardware to track patient movements and over 40 new software programs, allowing clinicians to challenge, assess, and track patient balance throughout the treatment continuum - bringing balance to life.

Across the industry - from Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, to Speech Therapy - BITS Balance combines visual, cognitive, motor and balance training into one session, providing the patient and therapist with the most efficient technology to date. This combination is increasingly important as clinical research shows that dual-task ability holds potential to improve gait, balance, and cognition in individuals with neurologic disorders.

Dr. Suzanne Tinsley, Assistant Dean of Development for School of Allied Health Professions, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, and Board Certified Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy Said: "Advanced balance technology such as BITS Balance are no longer a nice to have, but a need to have in rehabilitation facilities, If you want to work with a diverse group of patients including the elderly, those patients who have experienced a stroke, or patients currently recovering from COVID-19, these tools are a necessity. BITS Balance provides us with extra support and the ability to accurately assess and improve the balance of patients."

The system update includes over 40 new programs focusing on static balance, dynamic balance, optokinetic stimulation, vestibular exercises and balance assessments. In addition, BITS Balance will introduce new hardware integration, including a proprietary motion sensing technology for detecting and transmitting movement information, as well as a Balance Platform for conducting balance therapy with an altered base of support for more challenging exercises. With a quick and easy set-up process patients can start balance exercises quickly to maximize therapy time and ultimately improve outcomes.

Todd Cushman, President & CEO at Bioness Said: "The Bioness Integrated Therapy System has been well adopted by our healthcare professional partners, so it's exciting to expand on the BITS platform with a market-leading balance treatment and assessment solution, Rehabilitation is essential and we are proud as an organization to keep bringing innovation to the market even during the pandemic."

Specific aspects of the new technology allow providers to determine patients' limits of stability, fall risk, range of motion, body sway and more. The standard digitized balance assessments such as the Berg Balance Scale assessment score patients on a scale of zero to four on various activities, assessing static and dynamic balance ability as well as sitting vs. standing balance ability. In addition, with the Functional Reach Test, assess limits of stability while reaching in standing or sitting position. For an objective measure of postural stability, providers can also utilize the Romberg and Sensory Integration Test. Visit to learn more about Bioness Therapy Integrated System.

The versatile balance tracking and the wide variety of balance therapies, BITS Balance can be used to train patients with varying degrees of mobility and improve outcomes.

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