Dyad Medical's SaaS based AI for cardiac imaging fundraising exceeds $3.5MM

Dyad Medical, Inc., a groundbreaking medical image analysis platform delivering cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis, announced after just 90 days, the closing of its oversubscribed Series Seed funding round led by The Unofficial Syndicate, with participation by Social Starts L.P., and local angel investors. Along with grants from the NIH, this brings Dyad's total funding to more than $3.5MM.

Dyad, a recent Mass Challenge grad, will use the funding to enhance its patent-pending cardiac imaging software, to accelerate its FDA clearance path and expand their team to prepare for customer deployments. Dyad's cloud-native platform increases the accuracy and efficiency of cardiac image analysis providing cardiologist and clinicians with near real-time observations that, prior to Dyad, in many cases were invisible to the human eye and time consuming to detail.

Dr. Ronny Shalev, co-founder and CEO of Dyad Medical Says: We are the only solution that provides cardiologists with insights on every scan they perform, regardless of the modality used and what part of the heart they scan, We are clear on our goal to provide universal access to expert-level observations by teaching computers to automatically analyze medical images. The Dyad platform, will provide instantaneous cardiac image interpretations globally via the web, accessible by any device, which for a clinician is like having 1000's of expert second opinions for them to consider in their diagnoses – all in real-time.

Jayme Fishman, Co-founder of The Unofficial Syndicate Says: The combination of artificial intelligence, a brain trust of distinguished scientific advisors, and a cloud-based solution that delivers the only four modality cardiac analysis in the market is game changing.  We believe this will become the gold standard in cardiac care and we are excited to help them bring this technology to market, My co-founder, Harry Scott, brought this deal to our consortium and will lead Dyad's Advisory board as we help them move to commercialization.

Emi Gonzalez, Principal at Social Starts Said: We believe Dyad will transform the cardiac imaging field by placing cutting-edge technology within cardiologists' current workflow to efficiently drive faster and more accurate diagnoses.

About Dyad Medical

Dyad Medical develops clinical applications using cloud-based artificial intelligence aimed at enabling doctors to more efficiently interpret medical image content from anywhere in the world. It is powered by the expertise of a global community of clinicians who train the model, effectively offering practitioners "thousands of second opinions" in real-time. Within the digital diagnostics arena, Dyad Medical's core focus is on cardiac imaging because more people die as a result of cardiovascular disease than all types of cancer, diabetes, and accidents combined. www.dyadmed.com

About The Unofficial Syndicate

Irreverently named The Unofficial Syndicate is an active angel investment group of "non-members" known for high touch, thoughtful analysis and speed of decision making in finding and nurturing Seed stage companies navigate their formative years. 

About Social Starts

Social Starts is a venture capital partnership with a uniquely data-driven approach to investing in moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds. Focusing on companies that leverage social and mobile technologies with a particular emphasis on the emerging science and technology of health and happiness

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