Itamar Medical’s WatchPAT™300 Home Sleep Apnea Testing Device Receives Approval in Japan

Itamar Medical announced that its flagship WatchPAT™300 Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) device has been granted PMDA approval for use in the Japanese market, effective September 14, 2020.

Japan represents the second largest potential patient market for Itamar Medical behind the U.S, where the company currently operates. The WatchPAT™300, an easy-to-use, non-invasive HSAT device, will be made available in Japan through Philips Japan Co., Itamar Medical’s exclusive Japanese distributor since 2014.

Itamar medical is the manufacturer of advanced, FDA cleared, and clinically-validated HSAT devices centered around the unique Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT®) technology used in diagnosing several forms of sleep apnea. This technology can also be used in the diagnosis of sleep apnea in patients with cardiovascular comorbidities in which it poses a significant and independent risk factor. Sleep apnea affects approximately one billion people worldwide and Itamar Medical is passionate about providing an easy access solution to address the roughly 80% patient population that remain undiagnosed and untreated.

About WatchPAT™ 

WatchPAT™, the FDA-approved flagship product developed by Itamar Medical, is used for diagnosing Sleep Apnea at patients home. The WatchPAT is an easy-to-use Watch-like device alternative to traditional in-lab polysomnography tests with unique abilities to score test results automatically, as well as produce a full sleep apnea diagnosis report. It provides a variety of respiratory indices, distinguishes between sleep and wakefulness, and provides a complete context of sleep architecture that includes the analysis of apnea events in each of the sleep stages such as light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. The WatchPAT also records snoring volume and body position information throughout the night. The FDA-cleared Central PLUS Module also enables specific identification of Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) events.

Source: Itamar Medical

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