Meridian Bioscience Launches a Complete Solution to Support Liquid Biopsy Cancer Diagnostics

Meridian Bioscience launched a complete solution improving the development of cancer diagnostic tests, allowing direct RNA and DNA detection from liquid biopsy samples such as whole blood.

In cancer diagnosis, liquid biopsy has emerged as a fast and sensitive alternative to conventional tissue biopsy, providing a non-invasive approach for the detection and monitoring of circulating cancer biomarkers such as circulating tumour cells (CTC), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or non-coding RNA (ncRNA) in the blood stream. The establishment of molecular assays to detect these biomarkers is usually challenging, especially at low concentrations, due to the sample variability and inhibitory properties of the specimen.

Meridian Bioscience has developed tools to overcome these challenges with two novel inhibitor-resistant qPCR chemistries for the detection of DNA and RNA molecules directly from liquid biopsy samples without the need for nucleic acid extraction. These qPCR mixes are ideal tools for developing sensitive assays and workflows that require fast turnaround times (TAT) and minimal sample processing while ensuring high specificity of the detection.

Florent Chang-Pi-Hin, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research & Development Said: “The ability of these qPCR mixes to tolerate high level of inhibitors present in blood allows the development of simpler and faster assays, where the limit of detection (LOD) can be improved further by introducing more sample in the reaction, We have seen a dramatic increase in interest in our products used for cancer biomarker detection, not only proving the interest of cancer diagnostic companies in such qPCR mixes but it also highlights the quality of our chemistries. It is important that we continue developing additional tools like these that facilitate cancer prognosis, diagnosis, and therapy.”

Todd Howren, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Sales Life Science, added, “studies have confirmed that our qPCR mixes for liquid biopsy applications exhibit a superior sensitivity compared to other mixes, with earlier Ct values even in difficult conditions such as 20% blood.”

Meridian is committed to suppling innovative solutions to the diagnostic industry to simplify and accelerate development of superior diagnostic assays.

Source: Meridian Bioscience Inc.

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