West Pharma Launches New Vial2Bag Advanced™ 20mm Admixture Device

West Pharmaceutical Services is pleased to announce FDA 510(k) clearance and launch of its Vial2Bag Advanced™ 20mm Admixture Device.

The Vial2Bag Advanced™ 20mm Admixture Device enables reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a vial and an IV bag. The innovative needle-free and easy-to-use device is ideal for immediate use and can optimize pharmacy clean room time, while assisting in standardizing admixture systems to maximize the efficiency of point-of-care nursing.

Key features of the Vial2Bag Advanced™ 20mm Admixture Device can be an effective solution for meeting USP <797> compounding requirements. These features include:

New Design: The device has both a dual channel design to provide dedicated fluid pathways into and out of the IV bag and an enhanced vial spike design that improves the connection to the drug vial. In addition, the device is needle-free, which meets OSHA and NAPPSI sharps prevention guidance.

Optimal Patient Care: The device provides a simple solution for just-in-time IV medication preparation, improving timeliness at point of care.

Effective Waste Reduction: The device offers universal compatibility with all manufacturers' IV bags up to 250mL and is suitable for use with liquid and powder medications with standard 20mm closure vials, leading to reduced drug and IV fluid waste.

Cindy Reiss-Clark, Senior Vice-President, Commercial Products and Solutions Said: "The development of our Vial2Bag Advanced™ device is a true example of our ongoing commitment to product development and point of care delivery, This solution is needed now more than ever in the current healthcare climate, and West is pleased to bring this innovation to the market."

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