Biocept Receives Hong Kong Patent Covering the Enhanced Detection of Rare Cells, including Cancer Cells

Biocept announces that it has been awarded Hong Kong Patent No. 1188285 entitled, METHODS AND REAGENTS FOR SIGNAL AMPLIFICATION. This patent covers methods for enhancing the detection of cells using fluorescent complexes, including circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

The method covered by this patent expands Biocept's patent protection for sensitive detection of cancer cells. This technology combines seamlessly with Biocept's core technologies using antibodies for CTC enrichment, as well as Biocept's microchannel intellectual property for the capture, enrichment, and imaging of CTCs from patients with cancer collected in Biocept's patented blood transport tube. This could also be important in future applications such as with Single Cell Analysis.

Michael Nall, Biocept's President and CEO Commented "This patent extends our coverage for capturing and analyzing rare cells of interest, including CTCs, and expands our international footprint, which is a strategic priority as we work to grow our business globally, This patent brings our total intellection property portfolio covering our molecular diagnostic technologies to 44."

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