Natus Medical Announces Acquisition of Innovative Newborn Care Technology

IndustryPRwire -- Natus Medical announced the acquisition of Babybe GmbH and its patented remote mother to baby communication technology. The Babybe technology will add to Natus’s market leading Newborn Care portfolio of products.

Babybe offers an innovative new way to remotely connect a mother and her baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). With this technology, mother and baby are connected in real time through heartbeat, breathing and vocal sounds using an active mattress system.

Clinical studies are currently underway to assess how the mother and baby connection impacts weight gain, apnea and neuro-development in premature newborns who are isolated in the NICU.

“We are very excited about this technology. It complements NICVIEW, our remote video streaming service for NICU babies and offers mothers an additional level of remote interaction with babies isolated in the NICU,” said Jonathan Kennedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Natus. “With 10% of all births world-wide or 15 million babies per year born prematurely, there is significant market opportunity for this product and we believe in the potential benefits this product can have in connecting baby and mother during the most critical period in the baby’s life,” Mr. Kennedy continued.

Natus expects the Babybe product to be available in commercial quantities in early 2022.

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