TheraCell Announces Royalty Milestone From Licensing

TheraCell announced that as of September 30, 2020 its royalty income from the licensees of its base demineralized bone fiber technology had surpassed a $1.0M annual run rate. With consistent quarter over quarter growth, this achievement represents a 55% increase over the annual run rate observed at the same time last year.

Bradley Patt, PhD, TheraCell's President and CEO Commented "This is a significant milestone for TheraCell, We are very pleased with the success our licensees are having in the market with the original cortical fiber products.  We believe that this is an exciting base off of which to launch our full portfolio of unique TheraFuze DBF® graft forms".

TheraCell has licensed the technology to AlloSource to produce and market AlloFuse® Cortical Fibers and AlloFuse® Fiber Boats, and to produce private-label products to be marketed by other orthopedic companies. The technology has also been licensed to Australian Biotechnologies to produce and market AlloVance® Xpress Fibres, AlloVance® Xpress Hybrid, AlloVance® Fibre Mats, and AlloVance® Fibre Boats for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

TheraCell has also launched a comprehensive portfolio of TheraFuze DBF® graft solutions. The portfolio's proprietary offerings include the TheraFuze DBF Fiber Anchor™ for immediate enhanced screw fixation, TheraFuze DBF Fiber Bullets™ for delivery through a cannula in MIS cases, TheraFuze DBF Fiber Wrap™ for graft containment, a 3-level TheraFuze DBF Fiber Boat and coming in January 2021 the TheraFuze DBF Fiber Bag™.

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