XBiotech Data Shows Effective Anti-Virus Activity for True Human Antibodies in Its Candidate Influenza-COVID-19 Therapeutic Cocktail

XBiotech announced new data for its breakthrough candidate therapy for treating infections of influenza and COVID-19. The Company continues to analyze components of its so-called FLUVID™ therapy as it develops manufacturing capability for a product candidate. The True Human antibodies targeting the virus causing COVID-19 were found to effectively neutralize a test virus at concentrations about four-times better than the antibodies the FDA is now considering for emergency use authorization. Ongoing research has also found that the True Human antibodies in this therapeutic cocktail that target influenza are capable of rescuing 100% of animals that receive an otherwise lethal dose of flu virus. The latest research findings suggest the FLUVID™ therapy, designed to be effective against all known strains of influenza in addition to the COVID-19 virus, could provide a uniquely effective therapy for treating complex infections from one or more of these viruses. There is no other therapy available to treat both COVID-19 and Influenza infections that occur together.

With the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus during this oncoming flu season, we are faced with the likelihood that many people will be infected by both influenza and COVID-19 viruses. Co-infections, or “superinfections”, may increase severity of disease and further complicate treatment. A therapy that could treat COVID-19+Influenza co-infections is urgently needed.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has only recently emerged, the FLUVID™ candidate therapy is the result of years of Research and Development at XBiotech, incorporating extraordinary influenza True Human antibodies that have been systematically evaluated for their ability to target virtually all known strains of influenza viruses. Whereas the True Human COVID-19 antibodies were derived from patients who recovered rapidly without serious illness and therefore should have potent neutralizing capability against the virus.

The influenza strains that will be targeted by FLUVID include: seasonal H1N1 and H3N2 strains; pandemic strains H1N1, H2N2, H3N2; avian influenza strains H5N1, H5N2 and H7N9; and even H9N2 and H10N8, which are currently in poultry but are believed to have pandemic potential in humans.

Dr. Sushma Shivaswamy, Ph.D., XBiotech’s Chief Scientific Officer, commented, “We continue to see outstanding data as we move this unique and critical therapy toward the clinic. Unlike any other Research and Development program, our pipeline is focused on delivering therapies to the vulnerable demographic that is most in need of the FLUVID™ therapy. We believe strongly in the potential of this product candidate.”

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