ANI Pharmaceuticals Announces Approval and Launch of Aminocaproic Acid Tablets

IndustryPRwire - ANI Pharmaceuticals announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and the launch of Aminocaproic Acid Tablets USP, 500mg. The current annual U.S. market for this product is approximately $12.7 million, according to IQVIA/IMS Health.

"This is ANI’s seventh generic product launch in 2020 and reaffirms our commitment to increasing the pace of market introductions for our products. This important therapeutic is one of the pipeline generic products we acquired from Amerigen Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. earlier this year. I congratulate our team on this achievement and look forward to additional ANI product launches in the near future, as we focus on realizing the full potential of our product portfolio,” stated Nikhil Lalwani, President and CEO.

About Aminocaproic Acid Tablets USP

Aminocaproic Acid Tablets are useful in enhancing hemostasis when fibrinolysis contributes to bleeding. In life-threatening situations, transfusion of appropriate blood products and other emergency measures may be required. For more information, including the complete list of indications and usages, please see the Full Prescribing Information.

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