BioSig’s Division NeuroClear Technologies Signs a Research Agreement with the University of Minnesota

IndustryPRwire - BioSig Technologies announced that the Company and its NeuroClear Technologies division signed a new research agreement with the University of Minnesota. 

Under the terms of the agreement, the Company intends to launch a program to develop novel therapies to treat sympathetic nervous system disease. Due to launch in Q4 2020, the program studies are expected to form a foundation for developing a new platform technology to address disorders of the autonomic nervous system. NeuroClear intends to develop new intellectual properties and products, including new hardware, software, and algorithmic solutions, with the support of a tier 1 US-based manufacturing partner and take it through FDA approval, manufacturing, and commercialization. The R&D program will be run under the leadership of Richard W. Bianco, Ph.D., Professor, Director of Experimental Surgical Services (ESS), Department of Surgery in the University of Minnesota Medical School, John W. Osborn, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Surgery and Director of the Minnesota Consortium for Autonomic Neuromodulation (MCAN) in the University of Minnesota Medical School and Barry Keenan, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering at NeuroClear.

“We are very pleased to commence a new research and development program with the accomplished team at the University of Minnesota. Our mission is to lead through innovation in bioelectronic medicine, and we are most impressed with the cutting-edge research work led by John and his colleagues. Our team made tremendous progress in the past twelve months, having identified several lucrative opportunities, onboarded a leading manufacturing partner, and developed a scientific proposal to drive this program forward. We are thrilled to begin this new chapter and look forward to reporting on our progress,” commented Kenneth L Londoner, Chairman, and CEO of BioSig Technologies, Inc.

“I am extremely excited about this strong collaboration between the University of Minnesota and NeuroClear Technologies. This agreement combines the rich expertise in autonomic neuromodulation, the 40-year track recorded of ESS in device development at the University of Minnesota, with NeuroClear’s mission to develop technology for recording and processing of biological signals specifically for treating the diseases of the autonomic nervous system. This aligns perfectly with the mission of MCAN.” said John W. Osborn, Ph.D.

Barry Keenan, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering of BioSig Technologies commented  “University of Minnesota is at the forefront of autonomic neuromodulation research. We believe that with their expertise, resources and collaboration, we can accelerate product development of new novel bioelectronic medicine devices.”

The Company previously reported that it appointed John W. Osborn, Ph.D. as a Consultant on autonomic neuromodulation and raised $3.7 million in an initial seed round in August 2019.

About NeuroClear Technologies

Founded in November 2018, NeuroClear Technologies aims to address some of the biggest challenges in bioelectronic medicine, including, but not limited to, targeted nerve stimulation and a closed feedback loop system. NeuroClear intends to build upon the core competencies in recording and analyzing intracardiac, surface ECG and neuronal signals, which have been already validated by BioSig, and develop a dedicated product line to address and advance current therapies within several markets, such as cognitive disorders and nephrology.

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