Meridian Launches its Novel Air-Dryable RT-qPCR Mix, Further Decreases Costs and Simplifies Workflows for COVID-19 Molecular Test Manufacturers

IndustryPRwire -- Meridian Bioscience announced that it has launched an Air-Dryable RT-qPCR Mix, driving innovation in the development of molecular tests with ambient temperature stability. This specialized master mix is designed for air-drying, a cost-effective and easier alternative to lyophilization. With this new product addition, Meridian has the most comprehensive offering of master mixes for developing both DNA and RNA based molecular diagnostic assays at ambient temperature, removing the need for cold chain shipping and storage.

While molecular diagnostic tests are progressively moving towards a dried-down format, there are technical challenges in developing lyophilization-compatible mixes that require lengthy optimization and expensive lyophilization equipment. Building on its expertise in qPCR chemistries, the Life Science division of Meridian Bioscience has successfully developed a ready-to-use, air-dryable RT-qPCR mix to meet the growing demand within the molecular diagnostics industry for an easier and more cost-effective method of drying RNA assays.

Meridian’s Air-Dryable RT-qPCR Mix has been designed to simplify development, manufacturing and storage of molecular assays while delivering fast detection of RNA targets, an ideal solution for COVID-19 assay development. Its one-tube format chemistry containing all reagents necessary for a RT-qPCR, including magnesium, dNTP and reverse transcriptase, not only shortens assay optimization but is also compatible with air-drying protocols. This new mix shows exceptionally high performance in both singleplex and multiplex reactions following rehydration, making it ideally suited for a wide range of instruments from automated high-throughput platforms to point-of-care devices.

Florent Chang-Pi-Hin, PhD, Senior Director of Research and Development Commented “Over the last 12 months, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our Lyo-Ready RT-qPCR mixes; however, not all our customers have the expertise in-house to lyophilize. Building on the launch of our Air-Dryable qPCR Mix earlier this year, our new Air-Dryable RT-qPCR Mix represents a perfect solution for the development of ambient temperature stable assays for RNA targets, which is so important today with the global fight against SARS-CoV-2.”

Meridian is committed to suppling innovative solutions to the diagnostic industry to simplify and accelerate development of superior diagnostic assays.

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