Nemaura Medical Launches BEAT™diabetes Program Through New Web Presence and Re-Launches Enhanced Corporate Website

IndustryPRwire – Nemaura Medical announces the re-launch of its corporate website,, and the website for its flagship program, BEAT™diabetes,, which serves as the unofficial launch of the program and allows users to register and learn about participating in an overall health management system to potentially reverse Type 2 diabetes.

“The launch of the BEATdiabetes™ program website is an important entry into the market to allow consumers to access many of the life management tools that come with the program. In addition to introducing the smartphone and tablet app, which will provide users with our scientifically validated, personalized coaching driven by our digital platform, it also provides users with a portal to become among the first to access our non-invasive glucose monitor, which we expect to launch shortly. We believe that the combined use of the app with our sugarBEAT® monitor, has the potential to help reduce diabetes risk and even potentially reverse Type 2 diabetes with continued and dedicated use. We welcome all visitors to register for the BEATdiabetes™ program and to experience the benefits of our coaching and monitoring programs to improve their overall health,” commented Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Nemaura’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In addition, the re-launch of our corporate website provides visitors with a more comprehensive view of our company. Previously, many visitors had equated one of our single products with the company in general. However, Nemaura is constantly developing its technology and already has designed multiple products that are in the process of being refined for regulatory approval and launch. This new website will give consumers and investors alike a better view of Nemaura and what we have to offer,” concluded Dr. Chowdhury.

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