SeaSpine Announces Limited Commercial Launch of Meridian™ ALIF System with Reef™ A Interbody

IndustryPRwire -- SeaSpine Holdings announced the limited commercial launch of its Meridian ALIF (anterior lumbar interbody fusion) System and Reef A interbody with NanoMetalene® surface technology.

Dr. Amrit Khalsa of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia Commented “SeaSpine has created one of the most comprehensive ALIF systems on the market that enables surgeons to address different pathological needs intraoperatively, Having multiple anterior plate and no-profile standalone construct options available allows me to adjust on the fly, which is very beneficial when needed.”

The Meridian ALIF System with Reef A interbody is designed to provide maximum modularity with a wide array of constructs, either in standalone No-profile or TruProfile® configurations, along with robust fixation options, which collectively address a variety of different needs based on surgeon technique and clinical goals.

Dr. Carl Lauryssen of Central Texas Brain and Spine in Austin Commneted “Having used numerous ALIF systems over the past 20 years, I can say with confidence that the SeaSpine team has developed a system that encompasses every possible iteration of what a surgeon could need, This system addresses simple to highly complex pathology. I can switch between a single screw or anchor, multiple screws or anchors, or a combination of both, at each level. A compelling aspect of this system is that it allows me to customize implant construct and manage operating room time more efficiently.”

The Reef A interbody portfolio features macro undercut structures and includes multiple footprints and lordotic options, allowing surgeons the ability to intraoperatively address specific anatomical patient needs.

Dennis Cirino, Senior Vice President, Global Spinal Systems Commented “This next gen ALIF system is a culmination of our innovative modular system design, proprietary NanoMetalene surface technology and Reef Topography, This expansion of our Fusion Engineered™ philosophy, when used with our market leading Orthobiologics, creates a best in class procedural solution.”

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