Twist Bioscience Expands Gene Product Line with Launch of Clonal-Ready Gene Fragments

IndustryPRwire -- Twist Bioscience announced the launch of Clonal-Ready Gene Fragments, providing customers with a complete offering for genes. Twist’s best-in-class Gene Fragments, with and without adapters, can be used to build constructs and minimize the time and cost of screening for perfect clones.

Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Twist Bioscience Commented “Our industry-leading production process delivers high quality Gene Fragments quickly, reliably, and affordably so that our customers can order the DNA that they want exactly how they want it, Importantly, we are now able to better address a segment of the synthetic biology market who make their own Clonal Genes rather than purchasing them, reaching the large number of customers that need smaller amounts of DNA to facilitate their experiments seamlessly.”

Gene Fragments begin as oligonucleotides synthesized on Twist Bioscience’s proven semiconductor-based silicon platform. The oligonucleotides are then annealed together and PCR-amplified to produce a double-stranded DNA fragment and error-corrected through an enzymatic reaction. The resulting product is a ready-to-use Gene Fragment that is compatible with many applications including cloning, gene and protein expression, pathway and enzyme engineering and enzyme optimization.

Based on a comparative study conducted by Twist, Twist Gene Fragments demonstrated the lowest error rate, with a nearly 2-fold improvement across all Gene Fragment size ranges at 1:5,300. For shorter oligonucleotides 300 to 800 base pairs in length, the error rate was 1:6,200. Low error rates translate into the selection of fewer colonies, saving time and budget.

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