Roche renews partnership with Sysmex to deliver haematology testing solutions

IndustryPRwire -- Roche announced that, on 14 December, 2020, it signed a Global Business Partnership Agreement* (GBP) with Sysmex. Under this new framework, the parties renewed their commitment to the long standing Distribution, Sales and Service (DSS) agreement, allowing Roche to continue to distribute Sysmex haematology products, including instruments and reagents.2 This GBP sees the introduction of an IT Solutions Collaboration Agreement. In the newly defined collaboration, the two companies have agreed to utilise their respective IT platforms to improve customer experience, in the short to mid-term, with a longer term ambition to use the IT systems to lead to improved clinical decision making. The GBP agreement will run until the end of 2030.

“Roche is committed to supporting improvements in haematology testing, which helps patients with the diagnosis and management of blood diseases, as diverse as anemia and leukaemia”, said Thomas Schinecker, CEO Roche Diagnostics. “Extending our longstanding partnership with Sysmex underscores our unique synergy and our objective to offer our customers high-quality haematology solutions to improve the testing efficiency in central laboratories in hospitals and commercial laboratories, ultimately benefiting the millions of patients living with blood disorders.”

The burden of blood disorders is very high, not only for patients but for society as a whole. Recent studies estimated that, in Europe, 80 million people suffer from haematological disorders and the economic impact of blood disorders in Europe amounts to EUR 23 billion per year, mostly in healthcare expenditure. Improved management is a key factor to counteract the rise of this economic burden for healthcare and society.

About the Roche and Sysmex partnership

In 1999, Sysmex and Roche entered into a Distributorship Sales and Service Agreement (DSS), under which Roche distributed Sysmex hematology products and provided services in overseas markets. This mutually beneficial arrangement has since advanced as demands for haematology testing have evolved, with greater focus on automation of manual processes and streamlining workflow, expanding the utility of haematological parameters so as to support diagnosis, monitoring and treatment across disease areas, beyond routine testing. In 2018, Roche and Sysmex entered into a non-exclusive collaboration agreement to offer Total Laboratory Solutions (TLS). This means that customers who want to purchase products for clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, and hematology testing from one vendor, could do so seamlessly with Roche and Sysmex.

The GBP agreement will allow Roche and Sysmex to deliver tailored haematology solutions to new and existing customers, while having the benefits of working with a single provider. Streamlining testing efficiency and effectiveness are an important part of a laboratory’s remit. Having the opportunity to integrate the technologies from two leading IVD companies, while simultaneously having a single service provider, can support laboratories to improve their testing solution and service delivery. Utilising a single service provider can simplify laboratory workflows, inventory management and service solutions, while maintaining access to high-quality, market-leading systems and solutions. The partnership will also strive to develop a joint framework to ensure and promote connectivity through standardisation of cybersecurity measures.

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